Rich Beauty Inspire Feather Wedding Cake

Delicious cake is centerpiece of every wedding that also create focal image. Elegant and colorful wedding cakes always increase people appetizer when see fabulous decorate cake. In feather wedding theme feather cake play vital role. In different way big cake decorates that inspired people. You will see in our collection feather wedding cake are elaborate with pearl, crystal material and birds feather. Rich cake in gold embellishment gives sparkling expression.

Look below!

Eye Catching White Feather Cake

Three tire black and white wedding cake decorate with precious jewelry and bird feather. Bottom tire of cake come in feather look with black top that wear pearl garland. Golden leaves and white feather are making rich couple on delicious cake. Inspired wedding feather cake attracts people and increases their appetizer.

Ostrich Feather Cake

High quality wedding cake top decorates with ostrich white color feather. Glamorous look of wedding table make with glossy silver crystal starburst brooch that listed in top of cake. Metal prongs all around the wedding cake that place on glass table. Champion glass and tea candle develop most romantic environment on wedding cake table.

Feather Wedding Tower Cake

Tower cake each tire listed with feather and satin silk ribbon. Big size cake enough for wedding guest. Whole table get white color inspired to feather cake. Sugar feather on white tower cake feel soft and fluffy. Unusual feather cake selected when wedding theme make with feather. Baby bread and peonies bouquet lay down on table.

Pearl Jeweled and Gold Feather Wedding Cake

You never miss jeweled pearl and gold feather wedding cake on your bid day. One Two tire cake ball tool pattern announced and after than furnished with draped ruffle style toto88 asia. With feather cutter cut the gum paste than thin and sharp line draw, When feather become dry golden oil used for paint these. Elegant feather cake gets its final look and ready for celebrating the wedding function.

Delicate Feather Wedding Cake

Blush pink cream wedding cake embellished with curved lines that goes all around. Pearl lace draw borderline around top one and mid tire of cake. Royal beauty of cake is show with antique flower that listed on mouth of face. Wedding cake I cute feather grab the people attention. Antique work on cake appears shimmering expression.

Gold Leaf Garland Wedding Cake

Wedding feather cake charm beauty can develop with gold leaves garland that hang at one side of tire cake. Top tire of creamy and yummy cake make with feather theme. Elegant feather on wedding cake may be the special sign or signature. Luxury garland addition in feather cake increate its charm beauty.

White Feather & Pearl Wedding Cake

Glamorous beauty of wedding cake elevate with white pearl feather and pearl material. Focal image create under above image define wedding cake. Gold try selected for placing the pearl cake. Big size feather show real beauty of wedding cake. Top hanging feather is great sign of feather wedding theme.