Exciting fun Sandwich Ideas for Kid’s Lunch

Providing nutritional diet to kids always feel challenging for every mom. Adults or young food recipes don’t inspire them a lot. They need something special even in flavor and serving. Kid soon feeling bored from routine food and the way of serving.

So come in action and do something unique and fun-making that draws your baby attention and also boosts hunger. Sandwiches are great option when it talks about kid’s school lunch. Make healthy sandwiches with tasty filling and playful shapes. Here we come with kid favorite sandwich inspiration to make mom’s life easy.

Angry bird sandwich

Wow! These are so cute in both apparently and flavor. Serve sandwich in different style even your kid love same flavor in routine. It will never make him bored. You can make sandwich in favorite character shape or keep baby mood in consideration. Angry bird sandwich are amazing ideas to appease to annoyed kid.

Rocket sandwich

Go for a theme to prep kid lunch box that fill with taste thing www.w88ide.net. Rocket theme lunch is amazing idea to make more fun. Sandwich cut in rocket shape for kids who want to become astronaut or having high ambitions for future.

Fun-chic monster sandwich

Try it if you are looking a way to make you kid more excited when find this cute moister sandwich in lunch. Chic presentation and healthy filling both has greater worth for kids, olive, cheese and some meet slices are enough to fill tummy.

Heart shape sandwich

Heart shape sandwich are awesome if you look for quick and easy solution put focus in filling as its important to your kids you can cut sandwich with mold or with shape knife.

Lady bug sandwich

Friendly bug is good for your kid. Delicious and attractive sandwiches also best for increasing kid’s appetite. Put Brown bread and cheese sandwich with other item and let kids make fun during school lunch time.

Cute animal face sandwich

Nature especially animals and birds hugely attract kids. Make yummmmy sandwiches in animal face shape is good effort for those moms who want empty plate within minuet. Foxy, owl, bear and puppy face sandwich are good for fun food experience.

Funny monster sandwich

Add everything that make you kid happier and more exciting. I’m sure you kid smiles when saw this sandwich in lunch. Toast bread monster sandwich made with veggies, cheese and meat slices that give unique taste.

Creative Phineas sandwich

Animated cartoon character shaped sandwich are ingenious ideas for mom who want to taste new flavors to their kids. It always work is you goes with kid’s favorite character. Making Phineas Flynn sandwich is so funning that boost makes both mom and kid more excited.

Owl face sandwich

Think something creative if you want your kid bring empty box in home. Mix veggies and fruit to healthy diet, owl face bread sandwich is enough to give enough potion in routine. Do this to give surprise to your loving kid.